Primary School Seminars

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Bouncing Back: learning to be resilient (for lower to upper primary)

Explores how students can bounce back from the challenges of life. We explore the 4 key factors that help us to be resilient - having a good family, playing your part within your community, problem-solving and having good values.


   Bully Proof: strategies for school and online (for lower to upper primary)

   Examines the bully, the target and bystander – we explore why bullying occurs, strategies for dealing with bullies and being a bystander that helps others in our community. We also cover cyberbullying and being cyber-smart.


Great Mates: developing friendship skills (for lower to upper primary)

We explore the importance of a good community and the need for real friends - friends that think about others first, are wise with their actions and careful with their words. We discuss friendship skills and encourage students that to have good friends they need to be a good friend first.

   Operation Empathy: community & teamwork (for lower to upper primary) 

 Learning that within any school and community, a successful ingredient is our ability to accept and appreciate differences in others – we explore through cooperation and team building activities the difference that empathy makes.


Drugs and Alcohol: making positive choices (for mid to upper primary)

Exploring the effects of drugs and alcohol - what they are, how it impacts us and how we can make wise choices with our bodies as well as exploring the effects of peer-pressure.



   Cyber Savvy: being cyber-safe (for mid to upper primary)         

 With the rise of technology, we explore how communication has changed, how technology influences our world, being cyber-safe and the importance of a healthy balance in our lives.

Hit the Ground Running: transition into secondary school (upper primary)

Identifying and exploring issues faced in transition to secondary school including how secondary school is different, how we cope with change, dealing with peer-pressure and exploring the resilient factors that help us not to just survive high school but thrive.


   Lead the Way: great leadership skills (upper primary)    

   Focusing on leadership skills through team-building activities and exploring how different people lead in different ways, being responsible, taking initiative, considering the consequences of our actions and how even one person can make a positive difference.



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Primary School Seminar Info

  • Primary school seminars may include a single year level, mixed year levels or even a whole school, depending on the number of students.
  • The ideal number of students per seminar is up to 100 students per session - we are happy to adapt to a bigger or smaller group.
  • Each session involves a variety of input including multimedia, stories, music, video, and games.
  • All presenters have a WWCC and we have public liability insurance, OH&S policies and adhere to all the Child Safe Standards
  • The recommended duration of seminars are:
      * 45minutes (for grade prep.)
      * 60minutes (for grades 1 to 3)
      * 90minutes (for grades 4 to 6)


For the Seminar

All audio-visual equipment.

For Teachers

Seminar follow-up booklet(s) including lesson plans and student worksheets.


  • Costs are calculated on several variables including location and number of seminars, etc. Call or email us for a quick quote.
  • Cancellations: 21 or more days prior to the date incur a 10% administration fee. Less than 21 days receive no refund or you may choose to transfer to another date, subject to availability.

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