Parent and Teacher Workshops

We offer workshops for parents & teachers on a variety of topics that are relevant for how we can best help and support our young people to be resilient, healthy & empowered. We adapt the workshop to suit the audience and this includes evidence-based research, relevant information and practical strategies.  

In addition to the workshop we also provide resources for parents & teachers. You can view the topics we offer including the key concepts we cover below:

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Helping your Kids to Bounce Back

The focus of this workshop is to present the key elements that help build resilience, provide support and enable a young person to thrive. The session also gives practical tools on how we can help young people succeed as they face the many challenges that life sometimes presents us and what factors helps us all to live a happy, well-balanced life including community, values and being others-focussed. View information sheet.

Bully Proof your Kids

In this session, parents will learn about the dangers associated with bullying, with an emphasis on cyber safety. The workshop gives helpful tools on prevention and how to decrease bully/target behavior at home and at school. View information sheet.

Drug Proofing your Kids

This session provides key factors for parents and caregivers to help their young people be aware of the pressures and dangers of drugs and alcohol in society. We explore how it impacts the community, why people use drugs and discuss resilience factors for young people. View information sheet.

Helping your Kids to Transition to Secondary School

For some children, starting secondary school for the first time can be exciting and full of wonderful challenges.  For others, it can be a daunting experience. Understanding this reality, the Values for Life team offers a workshop that will encourage parents to be the support their children need during this transition time in their life. View information sheet.

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